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  • Once we receive this uploaded information, you will receive an email within 24 hours we will contact you within 24 hours for a time to discuss your project and give you instructions of easiest ways for you get your images to us. This will be a book you will love!   


  • Our Year Book Design fee is $7 for each 2 page spread. Our fee includes:

+ FREE cover design

+ FREE bio picture page (so years from now, loved ones will know who you are)

+ FREE QR Code embedded in book to link to your videos of that year (I can share how to’s)

+ $100 Extra fee for photo lightening & light editing

and Life Edit Photo making photo  


+ $100 Extra fee | Photo lightening & light editing

+ $100 Extra fee | Short on time? Let Life Edit Photo pick photos photos for your Year Book, with client's final approval

+ $100 Extra Fee | Year Book Happenings Page (s)      


  • Client pays for the actual book printing. 

  • I will go over book printing companies, book styles & sizes and actual printing costs with you before we get started, free of charge, keeping your budget in mind.

  • Order as many books as you wish with no additional design charges. Many families order a book for every family member. My design fee is a one time charge, I make no money from the printing services. I will watch for the best sales with deep discounts and get the very best deals on printing for you and will upload your book to the manufacturer. I think you will be surprised how affordable a Year Book can be. Choose from Blurb, Printique, Artifact Uprising, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Milkbooks, Millers, Mpix, Mixbook and more!


Simply Google “Happenings” for the year of the yearbook you are creating and search in areas you are interested in. We will personalize this page for you! Just text us your list and we will take care of the images & design.


  • Cost of milk, gas, movie, etc

  • Politics

  • Natural & manmade disasters

  • Religion

  • Music | Singers & songs

  • Movies | Movie stars, deaths

  • World events

  • Science

  • Fashion styles

  • Books

  • Sports

  • Technology

  • The Arts

  • Others  


Down Payment Deposit
Fee for photo lightening and light editing of photos
Short on time? Let Life Edit Photos pick photos for your Year Book, with client's final approval

Thank you! We will be in touch within 24 hrs

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