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I wanted to give everyone a shout about our scanning services at Life Edit Photos. They are pretty life changing as they digitize our photos and make them instantly sharable.


Special care is taken with our scanning services. Everything is Individually wiped down & air blown, lint-free, dust-free premium service at an affordable price. Your memories are in safe hands!


To save money, get your physical photos organized and pared down before scanning. Once scanned, they can be joined with your digital photo library to make one continuous family library that is shared as each person in the family can jump in anytime and start using.


To save on costs, many grown siblings will share in the cost to get their parent’s photos scanned. The parents are thankful, but it really is a gift for the grown kids and grandkids so they can start looking at their pictures . . . making this a win win!

Up to 13"x17" size | High Res | Lint & Dust Free | Confidential  

Affordable | BULK DISCOUNTS | Quick turn around

All quantities - small , large & shoebox size

For reference, a 1″ stack of photos is about 100count, a 1″ stack of slides is about 20ct

Minimum Charge $25


• 49¢ Photos, 8×10 or smaller (39¢ bulk price discount of 250+ photos)

• 50¢ Photos in albums (no bulk discount)

• 99¢ Oversized photos , larger than 8×10 and smaller than a 12x17

• 99¢ Delicate photos that need to be carefully handled

• 75¢ Negatives  

• 75¢ Slides  

• 99¢ All scrapbook pages, smaller than  

• 99¢ Specialty items | fragile or think photos, artwork & paintings, newspaper clippings, journals, recipes, maps, etc.  

• $40 Additional fee for two day rush, does not include shipping times paid by customer. Must be prior approved by LEP. • Please contact me for other items you would like me to scan

Note: 300dpi= same size photo, 600-1200+ dpi for enlargements, 1500-3000dpi Slides & Negatives


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