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I don’t know about you, but I am always surprised with how little I remember through the years . . . even those special moments, I swear I will never forget. Before I know it… it’s gone out of my mind. Where? I have no idea.


I like to take a few minutes to write down favorite memories in my note section on my phone while they are fresh. Even better, place photos in a group text to others that were there and have them chime in with memories also, creating a little time capsule. Photo + Journaling = Remembered Memories.


Take a look at the journaling I wrote coming home from our hiking day, it makes me smile big. Waiting a week or two, I would easily have forgotten many of the details. Journaling does not have to be long and nicely composed, I am a believer of quick bullet points that take very little time / effort. Keep it simple & easy!


It is not too late to start putting memories with our photos, simply create a group text of family or friends just for photo memories. Post some photos and ask everyone to chime in with their memories. Your family will grow closer together as you share your memories of childhood, family traditions, the special & fun times, challenges of life and those who have passed away. Journaling helps us remember and pass the story along!


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